5 Best Free Fire Max Pets You Should Have In 2022

Best Free Fire Max Pets 2022
Best Free Fire Max Pets 2022

Best Free Fire Max Pets 2022:  To keep players engaged, Free Fire incorporates a variety of in-game components. Garena delivers daily events and is updated with new faces, pets, skins, and other content on a regular basis. With the help of these pets, users can improve their gaming significantly. In Free Fire, you can buy more than ten different pets.

The pets can give the character benefits and bonuses, giving them more difficult to kill in a fight. In the end, this will increase the player’s chances of landing a Booyah. In this article, we’ll discuss the 5 best pets of Free Fire Max.

5 Best Free Fire Max Pets 2022

Agent Hop

Bouncing Bonus, the Agent’s Hop skill, gives the user EP for the duration of the match. The player receives 50 EP whenever the zone shrinks. This ability lasts till the end of a match. Players can use this pet along with healing character abilities to keep them healed during combats.

Sensei Tig

Sensei Tig became one of the most popular characters in Free Fire. Nimble Ninja is an ability that helps players to shorten the duration of their enemy’s man-marking abilities by 30%. By increasing the pet’s level to the maximum, users can reduce opponents’ man-marking abilities by up to 50%. It costs 699 diamonds in the store.


Double Blubber, Ottero’s skill, allows the user to regain HP and EP at the same time. The amount of EP regained when utilizing a medkit is 65 percent of the HP recovered. Players can use this pet in combination with K or Alok character.


Dreki is a little dragon-based pet from Free Fire with Dragon Glare ability allows owners to identify opponents carrying medkits within 10 meters. His ability has a three-second endurance. Players can see four competitors using medkits within 30m after upgrading the pet. The duration of the skill is also increased to 5 seconds.


Falco’s ability, Skyline Spree, allows the user to land quickly during the game. The skill boosts gliding speed during a skydive by 45 percent and velocity just after the parachute opens by 50 percent, correspondingly.


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