Top 9 Best Free Fire characters in July 2022 after the OB35 update

Free Fire best character in May 2022 after the OB33 update
Top 9  Best Free Fire characters in 2022 after the OB35 update

Best Free Fire characters in July 2022 after the OB35 update: Considering PlayerUnknown’s Battlefields and its phone equivalent PUBG Mobile being among the greatest battle royale games available, it’s only natural for other developers and designers to want to cash in on their success. As a consequence, when Garena and its Garena Free Fire app launched in 2019, it grabbed the portable gaming industry is proliferating – and it continues to do so today.

Surprisingly, Garena Free Fire has a few unique elements that distinguish it from competitors like PUBG and PUBG Mobile. In this article, we’ll list the Top 10  Best Free Fire characters in July 2022 after the OB35 update.  For example, Free Fire allows users to pick a character to use as the foundation for their avatar, which surely provides a degree of customization to in-game players. Certain characteristics, though, are superior to others.

Top 9  Best Free Fire characters in July 2022 after the OB35 update


Gloo Walls are indeed a fantastic line of defense in Free Fire, particularly because this non-damaging explosion produces a bullet-proof wall. Although this might be aggravating for gamers who have to traverse Gloo Walls to defeat adversaries, CEO-superstar Skyler seems to have all the tools he needs to defeat the opposition.

Skyler may use his Riptide Rhythm to launch a sonic explosion that can demolish up to five Gloo Walls inside 100 meters. Not just anyone, every anytime Skyler uses a Gloo Wall in the game, he receives 4HP back, encouraging additional defensive fortifications.


To win every game in a battle royale, gamers must often play dirty, which often entails grabbing adversaries off guard and murdering them before they could even respond. This could also take many forms, including such shooting or even setting traps, but owing to Wukong, Free Fire gamers could also experiment with a different idea.

Best Free Fire characters in July 2022 after the OB35 update- Wukong’s Camouflage skill allows him to morph into a shrub for 20 seconds, albeit at the cost of a 20% loss in walking speed. Not just anyone, however at the simple level, it seems to have a 250-second cooldown that Wukong may restore after every kill. Although ten seconds may seem insufficient, gamers who enjoy stealthy gaming know that it’s more than sufficient time to sneak up on an unprepared squad and show them how to use their heavy weapons.



Several of the strongest talents in a game come from individuals that have a lot of practical applications for that skill, and Kelly is one of them. Kelly, as the player’s speedy, uses her quick wit and athletic frame to outlast and exceed her adversaries – a trait that is crucial in a battle royale wherein disaster can strike at any time.

This is reflected in gameplay with her Dash, which merely increases her running velocity. Despite its commonplace nature, Dash has a wide range of applications. Aside from being able to join and escape firefights faster, sprinting speeds allow the team to experience more length battle choices. This might be dashing towards a cliff or rushing into a dangerous situation.


In a brutal combat royale like Free Fire, surviving is possibly more crucial than doing harm. Although having a large number of healing components might make things simpler, it’s still clearly more practical if players don’t take any health at all. This is when Chrono enters the picture. Chrono is a moment contract killer who wants to utilise his abilities to aid the poor and defenseless.

Chrono relies on the Time-Turner for battle. This shielding not only protects Chrono from up to 600 damages but also increases his mobility by 10%, which is now removed.  Chrono should be a must fighters since he is one of very few warriors that can shield not just oneself but his whole squad from harm.


Players in battle royales could rapidly become deadly, not since they can die in a gunfight, but mostly because they didn’t have time to recuperate from the last fighting before encountering the next adversary. It’s this shortage of healing time that frequently leads to deadly confrontations, and DJ Alok’s music appears to help them survive, if only temporarily.

Best Free Fire characters in July 2022 after the OB35 update- DJ Alok uses this Drop The Beat to create a 5m area that restores gamers and friends for 5 HP per second for 10 seconds while also increasing their movement speed by 15%. Nevertheless, DJ Alok’s low cooldown period makes him an extremely solid character inside the game. Understanding this, competitors might be more proactive in their play.


It is indeed one thing to witness that EP may be used to gently refill HP in key circumstances, but quite another to eventually find it beneficial. If you have a full supply of EP, you might not use it if you suffer quite so much harm too fast, but happily, A124 has a way around this with her handy skill.

Best Free Fire characters in May 2022 after the OB35 update- This attacker possesses the Thrill Of Battle skill, which converts 25 EP into HP in a jiffy, however it has a 90-second duration. Not just because, but when the skill is enhanced, this continuity equation increases, creating the quick conversion even more powerful. This is a very valuable skill to have, particularly as A124 may count on a quick heal in this situation.

K Character

The notion of EPs sets Free Fire besides other battle royale games, particularly because it moreover with to utilize EP to repair HP without any need for restoration goods if they acquire sufficient EP. With the exception of Captain Booyah, whose skills boost EP-to-HP restoration, few character can improve the chances EP functions in the game.

Best Free Fire characters in July 2022 after the OB35 update- The EP balance gains 50 points thanks to his Master Of All ability, enabling him to increase his EP to 250 points. Furthermore, he can flip amongst two different modes to increase EP potency in a number of different ways. All teammates inside six meters benefit from a 500% increase in EP conversion efficiency when in his Jiu-Jitsu Mode.


Active players understand that ignoring an opponent invites a violent comeback, therefore offensive players are constantly on the lookout for moving opponents. Clu is the right person for the task, as she is a homicide detective with all the tools she needs to seek out opponents.

Best Free Fire characters in July 2022 after the OB35 update- She accomplishes this with the Tracing Step skill, which grants her a 50-meter range and pings any enemies who’re not squat or prone. Clu can determine where attackers are lurking about ready to be attacked, which is useful for an aggressive squad. She could also aid similar recon operatives by acquiring locations with her specific characteristics, which she can use to supplement their powers.


Every battle royale game player knows because when utilized correctly, a launcher bomb can knock out whole squads, and Alvaro and his affinity for bombs is a perfect match for those gamers. As even the game’s bombardment specialist, Alvaro has the necessary technology to ensure that the team’s explosions are more lethal than ever before.

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