What Are The 3 Best Farming Mobs In Minecraft 2022?

Best Farming Mobs In Minecraft 2022
Best Farming Mobs In Minecraft 2022

Best Farming Mobs In Minecraft 2022: Farms can be built in a variety of ways in Minecraft. Farms can be used for several types of crops, as well as animals and mobs.

Although most mobs in Minecraft drop items when destroyed, players typically harvest them for 2 purposes. The first is experience, and mobs that drop greater levels of experience faster are better for farming.

Farming is utilized for a variety of objectives, including gaining XP, gathering materials, and surviving by gaining food. However, some mobs that players farm are more advantageous than others. The top 5 mobs to farm in Minecraft Bedrock Edition are shown below.

3 Best Farming Mobs In Minecraft 2022


Pigs are a fantastic farming resource in Minecraft. As a passive mob, players can easily gather a large number of them in close proximity without putting themselves in danger.

Pigs can indeed be easy to acquire, and when destroyed, they leave 1-3 raw pork chops (up to 6 with Looting III) and provide the player 1-3 exp when defeated and 1-7 exp when produced. Pork also helps to satisfy hunger, which would be a bonus.


Skeletons may be annoying creatures that strike from afar, but they drop a plethora of things that can benefit the player in a variety of ways.

They can, for example, drop 0-2 bones that can be utilized for bone meal. They also drop 0-2 arrows, which are difficult to come by early on in the game. They drop 5 experiences when killed, and an additional 1-3 exp if they are wearing gears.


Endermen is the place to be if you want to get a lot of experience and get the most bang for your buck. They drop ender pearls, which can benefit gamers by enabling users to teleport to difficult-to-reach regions, in contrast to the exp they drop, which is a consistent 5 XP for each item.

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