Check out the list of Top 10 Best BGMI and Free Fire eSports Players of India in 2022

Best BGMI and Free Fire eSports Players In India 2022
Best BGMI and Free Fire eSports Players In India as of  2022

Do you want to know the 2022 best esports players of India in BGMI and Free Fire?¬† In this article, you will get to know some prominent Esports athletes, from India’s most popular shooting games. But now it’s all about the best Indian eSports players. Have a look into the TOP 10 best BGMI and Free Fire esports players in India 2022.

List of Top 10 Best BGMI and Free Fire esports Players in India as of 2022

1. Viper

Yash Paresh Soni who goes by his in-game name Viper is a professional eSports BGMI player, he’s had an ample amount of experience. His stats and kills in the BGMI game have always been exemplary, which has made him a popular player of BGMI from India. Viper plays for Team Soni actively and is definitely one of the Top 10 Best eSports Players In India 2022. He is the first athlete in our list of Top 10 Best BGMI eSports Players In India 2022.

2. Mavi

Mavi is one of the top best BGMI players from Indian BGMI community, so it’s a no-brainer for Esports teams to acquire his services. Orange Rocket team has scouted him and got him, for which Mavi has repaid them with a win at ESL India Premiership in 2020. Now Mavi has been regularly playing for Teamx Spark and earning a handful amount of cash too. His BGMI skills are acumen, he’s a tactical player of the game.

3. Sudio Sarkar

Sudio Sarkar is a renowned Garena Free Fire Player from India and has also won many games, Sudio Sarkar has been placed many times in the list of Top 10 Best eSports Players In India, Sarkar is also an active YouTuber, his Free Fire ID is 97653930.

4. ZGod

ZGod aka Abhishek Choudhary, a top-class BGMI player, with lots of kills and stats, with an exemplary KD ratio, is a guy to watch out for. He has played for team “GOD like Esports” on many occasions, besides winning plenty of BGMI titles for them too. He is the fourth player in our list of Top 10 Best BGMI eSports Players In India 2022.

5. Jonathan

Jonathan was often ranked and deemed as the numero uno of BGMI from India, with fantastic stats and excellent skills, Jonathan too plays for God like Esports. He is one of the most popular BGMI esports players in India in 2022.

6. Nayeem Alam

Nayeem a prominent Garena Free Fire Gamer from India, is also an active YouTube content creator. He usually plays ff on his favorite OnePlus 7 Pro. He has over 5000 kills on the FF game. 206923045 is Nayeem Alam’s Garena Free Fire ID. He had left playing Esports now.

7. Radhe Thakor

Radhe Thakor another extraordinary Free Fire player, plays for the Chemin esports team, also winning the fire pro league 2021 India, he’s also won the MVP title at Free Fire tournaments on numerous occasions.

8. Scout OP

Tanmay Singh who operates in his ff ING name Scout OP is a professional eSports player for Team Soul, and also a content creator for 8-bit creatives. ScoutOP has been an ardent BGMI gamer with lots of kills and wins, which has brought him to this list of Top 10 Best BGMI eSports Players In India 2022.

9. SK Sabir Boss

Sabir Boss is another Free Fire hardcore gamer and YouTuber, his Garena Free Fire game ID is 55479535, also his YouTube Channel named SK Sabir Gaming has around 5 million subscribers. Sk Sabir is also there on the Booyah platform too, his KD Ratio is around 5.26, SK Sabir also said to be earning over 50,000+ every month. He had also left playing Esports tournaments.

10. Mafia Bala

Heet Vohra who’s ING Garena Free Fire name is Mafia Bala, Mafia Bala is also regarded and hailed as playboy Bala by his Free Fire friends often, Mafia Bala plays for “The Crews Team”, Mafia Bala also finished 3rd at the Asian Free Fire Event very recently, Bala’s incredible stats, skills and understanding of the Garena Free Fire game brought him so much success and made him popular amongst both the girls and Garena Free Fire gamers of India.

With Mafia Bala, this exclusive list of Top 10 Best eSports Players of India gets concluded. If you are an ardent fan of BGMI and Free Fire Games, then this Top 10 Best eSports Players In India 2022 list is for you too, up your game.

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