5 Best Decks for Nightmare Bats Challenge in Clash Royale 2022!

The Nightmare Bats challenges are being held in Clash Royale, so to win the nightmare bats challenge, a player must equip some of the best decks from Clash Royale. Going with the best decks, cards, and troops of Clash Royale might help to win a lot of rewards here for this challenge. Here are all the best strategies, guides, and also with the 5 best decks for the Nightmare Bats challenge in Clash Royale.

5 Best Decks for Clash Royale Nightmare Bats Challenge Event 2022!

Deck 1 – Tower Breaker

This is the most used deck to counterattack and wins against the enemies in the nightmare bats challenge of Clash Royale. For the tower breaker deck, use miner, archers, ice wizards, magic archer, bomber tower, wall breakers, and finally the twisters.

Deck 2 – Breaker Spells

Use this deck with the troops like twister, poison, clone, snowball, magic archer, download, arrows, and giant skeletons.

Deck 3 – Golem Tank

This deck is an explosion for the nightmare bats challenge in Clash Royale, as the golem tank possesses some of the best troops like arrows, zap, lightning, barbarians, minions, golem, and the wizards.

Deck 4 РMystic Graveyard 

Another top-class deck with the best set of Clash Royale cards, use gentleman, stone, barbarian barrels, baby dragons, ice wizards, twister, poison, and graveyard as the troops from this mystic graveyard deck to win the nightmare bats challenges.

Deck 5 РFireball or Valkyrie

The deck 5 for nightmare bats challenge in Clash Royale can be a combination of all these troops like, fireball, Valkyrie, zap, the log, bomber, snowball, tornado, poison, baby dragon, tombstone, and finally the ice wizards.

All these are the best decks for the nightmare bats challenge in Clash Royale, every deck has its own troops which cost a little elixir depending on their abilities. To participate in this nightmare bats challenge for 2022 in Clash Royale with these best decks, cards, and combos to win big.

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