5 Best Deck Options for Clash Royale Royal Tournament 2022 – Use These!

Best Decks for Clash Royale Royal Tournament 2022
Best Decks for Clash Royale Royal Tournament l Image Credit: Clash With Shane

Are you all ready for challenges and tournaments from Clash Royale in 2022? If yes, here are some of the best deck suggestions to go on for the battles. As in Clash Royale, the best decks, cards, and troops help you to win bigger games, here is the list of 5 Best Deck Options for Clash Royale Royal Tournament 2022.

5 Best Deck Options for Clash Royale Royal Tournament 2022 – Use These!

1. Electro Giant Deck

As the name implies, the electro-giant deck is an electrifying deck with the best set of troops, the electro giant deck can be employed for some of the biggest challenges and Royal tournament in Clash Royale for 2022. If you are going with the Electro Giant, then proceed with these troops,

Electro Giant
Heal Spirit
Electro Dragon

2. Ram Rider Deck

One of the aggressive decks, the ram rider is for attacks on buildings and walls, take the ram rider deck for the biggest battles from Clash Royale in 2022 with these cards,

Ice Spirit
Ice Golem
Ram Rider

3. Mega Knight Deck

Mega knight deck is fully focused on the attack, damage, and hit points. If you choose the mega knight deck, then your chances of winning tournaments in Clash Royale will get enhanced.

Royal Delivery
Mini P.E.K.K.A
Mega Knight
Wall Breakers

4. Double Prince Deck

One of the unique decks, the double prince deck has more hitpoints, and the melee troops are stronger for the ground attacks, and hence are among the best decks for Clash Royale Royal Tournament in 2022. Go with the double prince deck alongside these troops:
Mega Minion
Electro Wizard

5. Rascals Prince Guards Bait Deck

The name of this deck from Clash Royale itself seems uncanny to the players, but the deck ain’t. To be honest most of the players don’t even know about this deck, as the Rascals deck is probably the best one from the arena 14 set of battle decks. The Rascals deck is so stronger and more powerful for both the defensive and offensive cards.

Dart Goblin
Goblin Barrels

So, that’s our list of best decks for the Clash Royal Royal tournament that you may employ in 2022.

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