Which Are The 3 Best Characters In Free Fire Better Than DJ Alok In 2022?

Free Fire Best Characters Than Alok 2022
Free Fire Best Characters Than Alok 2022

Free Fire Best Characters Than Alok 2022: Free Fire offers a cast of characters with unique talents and skills who aid players in their quest for a booyah on the battlegrounds. Alok, Dimitri, Wukong, and much more are a few examples of the diverse cast of personalities.

At the time, there are nearly 42 characters in the game, with new characters being added with each update. Developers recently released two new characters. Dimitri and Thiva and keep on adding more with every OB update. To aid players on the battlefield, the characters have both active and passive abilities. In this post, we’ll compare and contrast Dimitri and DJ Alok as characters in Free Fire. In this article, we will list the best characters than the most popular Alok in 2022.

Free Fire Best Characters Than Alok 2022


With the OB29 patch, Dimitri is among the new cast members added to Free Fire. As per his in-game background, he is a sound technology engineer who adores action films.

At its initial level, his ability forms a 3.5m aura about him that works as a healing area (level 1). When inside this aura, both the user and friends regain 3 HP every second. When a user or teammate is knocked down, they have the ability to self-recover. All effects last 10 seconds and are followed by an 85-second cooldown period.

At the maximum level (level 6), all of the qualities stay the same, but the skill usage time is increased from 10 to 15 seconds, and the cooldown time is lowered. It is one of the best Free Fire characters than DJ Alok.


Otho is the most recent addition to the Free Fire cast. Memory Pist is his passive skill, and it comes in handy when players are looking for foes who are dispersed. When an opponent is defeated, his ability activates, revealing the locations of left enemies within a certain radius.

At the initial level, opponents will be found if they are within 25 meters of the elimination spot. When the skill achieves peak level 6, the radius will increase to 50 meters. This data can be exchanged with your friends, allowing them to quickly take out the remaining stragglers. It is best character than DJ Alok.

K Character

In the free fire game, K is also one of the greatest popular characters. By using K hero, you will earn an additional 250 EP. This amazing Free ire figure works in the same way as a mushroom. When you use K, users’ EP convert speed increases by 500%, and users can gain 5 HP every second. Players can use the K character beyond the zone while in combat.

As a consequence, work to increase the K character’s EP because its power is linked to it. Finally, since of their distinct powers, all of the characters are the finest. In the free fire game 2021, though, DJ Alok is by far the most popular character. Since it has a special ability that distinguishes it from other Free fire characters.

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