What is the best BGMI sensitivity code for Gyro players?

best BGMI sensitivity code
Best BGMI sensitivity code

Are you a gyro player and looking for the best BGMI sensitivity code? This post will surely help you with the sensitivity code of one of the best BGMI players Jonathan.

With the help of sensitivity codes in the BGMI game, this sensitivity code on BGMI allows a player to share their own unique layouts and the best sensitivity settings too, for better aim, target shots, and recoil on BGMI. Once after obtaining the available BGMI sensitivity codes, all you need to do is to enter them into the BGMI game.

Best Sensitivity BGMI Codes available!

Best BGMI sensitivity code for gyro players- how to share

Open BGMI game, click on the arrow icon on the top right and go to settings and then finally select the sensitivity tab. Then the sensitivity code will be shared with you and you may copy it onto your BGMI profile.

Best BGMI Sensitivity Settings!

The best BGMI settings for the camera should be around 115 percent, for 1st and 3rd person scope, it can be around 140 % sensitivity code.

Jonathan BGMI Sensitivity Code

Jonathan is an incredibly renowned BGMI eSports player, his BGMI sensitivity settings may help you all to go with the beta ones. 6893-4240-2977 this is Jonathan’s BGMI Sensitivity Code.

6893-8862-3985-5281-804 this is the control code of the BGMI gamer Jonathan and Jonathan’s, 1st and 2nd person scopes are around 120%. Jonathan’s BGMI Sensitivity Settings for 2x 4x scope is 20%.¬† For 6x and 8 x scope Jonathan uses a 12% sensitivity code.

As with all these basic sensitivity settings codes on BGMI, Jonathan has had several remarkable career wins and stats, you just need to follow his BGMI sensitivity codes, also do check out other prominent BGMI eSports gamers on the YouTube channel.

So that’s all for this BGMI Sensitivity Code article, Jonathan’s BGMI Sensitivity Code and the basic sensitivity BGMI codes are shared over here, do check out other websites and YouTube videos for the best of all BGMI sensitivity codes all over, for now use these as your BGMI sensitivity settings codes.

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