What Are The 3 Best BGMI Locations With Higher Loots?

Best BGMI Locations With Higher Loots
Best BGMI Locations With Higher Loots

Best BGMI Locations With Higher Loots: Loot is created at random in PUBG, but according to certain parameters, thus you may travel to a location known for having a lot of nice goods and come away with nothing, or you could go somewhere mediocre and find something incredible. In other words, it’s a game of chance, and if you play by the rules, you’ll usually win.

Because survivor scores account for 80% of a match’s overall score, players must select a drop site that will allow them to avoid drop fights. In traditional battle, it will assist players to survive while also earning them ‘Chicken Dinners.’

3 Best BGMI Locations With Higher Loots

Lipovka (Erangel)

Due to its location on the eastern side of the map, Lipovka is one of the vicinities in Erangel that does not get many visitors in the early stages of the game. Gliding to Lipovka becomes difficult because the flat path favors the map’s center. Rank pushers, on the other hand, can glide to the city and get the early riches, which will aid them later in the bouts.

Military Base (Erangel)

The most reliable source of high-quality, military-grade loot is the Military Base on Erangel’s smaller, southern island. Level 3 helmets and body armor, a range of scopes and attachments, medical equipment, and assault rifles are all examples of military-grade equipment.

It’s always crowded, yet it’s big enough for your entire squad to raid without missing a beat. Aim for the three lengthy structures in a U-shape for a dense amount of information that’s easy to examine. If you can get here from a distant flight path, perhaps on a fast vehicle like a bike, it’s a fantastic area to pillage in peace.

Dobro Mesto (Vikendi)

Dobro Mesto is one of the major cities on the Vikendi map. The city had a high amount of players drop in before the map was removed from BGMI, making it into a trendy drop. The tide has changed since the map was reintroduced in the game, and the city now has almost no visitors coming in to obtain loot.

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