What Are The Top 3 Best Active Character Skill After OB33 Update 2022?


Top 3 Best Active Character Skill After OB33 Update
Top 3 Best Active Character Skill After OB33 Update

Top 3 Best Active Character Skill After OB33 Update: There are several characters in Garena Free Fire, each with their own set of passive and active skills. The former is active throughout the combat, whilst the latter must be triggered at the appropriate time.

Gamers can choose from a variety of Free Fire characters with unique active abilities, although they’re premium characters that could only be acquired with in-game cash diamonds.

Gamers can now receive these characters for free utilizing the new link system, thanks to the Free Fire OB33 update. Just several characters’ abilities have been completely modified as well. In this article, we will discuss the best active character skills after the OB33 update.

Top 3 Best Active Character Skill After OB33 Update


When users choose to activate Steffie’s Painted Refuge, the active ability creates a 4-meter region that blocks throwables and allows friends to regenerate 10% armor durability every second. In addition, the damage dealt by opponents will be decreased by 20%.

The benefit, though, only lasts 15 seconds and it can be utilized after every 90 seconds. It is one of the characters whose skills have been completely overhauled in the patch, rendering it more useful for supporting teammates.


After the OB33 upgrade, the most sought ability, A124’s active skill¬†“Thrill Of Battle,” has been updated, completely replacing the prior abilities. Most Free Fire players are expected to use it in the coming days.

The improved ability of A124 unleashes an 8 meters electromagnetic wave that inhibits enemy skill activation and disrupts their engagement countdown for 30 seconds. After 50 seconds of cooldown, it could be reused.


Alok’s “Drop The Ability” has a 45-second cooldown and creates a 5-meter aura that boosts agility by 15% and restores the user’s HP at a rate of 5HP/s for 10 seconds. It’s important to remember that related effects don’t stack.

Alok’s two functioning sectors are HP and mobility. In a fighting situation, players must move quickly to avoid their foes, which necessitates greater HP. As a result, Alok could be a great alternative for rushers in Free Fire.


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