Battleground Mobile India new update – What is the release date and time for BGMI new update 2.1?

Battleground Mobile India new update 2.1
Battleground Mobile India new update 2.1

Are you a BGMI fan and want to know the release date and time for the Battleground Mobile India or BGMI new update 2.1? So, this post will surely help you with it.

The Battleground Mobile India new update will soon be available from Krafton. Many new features will be added by Krafton in the BGMI 2.1 update. The creators of the game often issue improvements to improve the players’ entire gaming performance and also collaborate with well-known people and companies to attract new users. By reaching 100 million registered players, it has reached another milestone and became the most played game in the nation. As the current 2.0 upgrade nears completion, the forthcoming 2.1 version, dubbed Ancient of Secret, will be released.

What IS the release date and time for BGMI new update 2.1?

Battlegrounds Mobile India updates often come about 2 months after the last release. Nevertheless, there have been instances where an update was released ahead of schedule.  On July 13, 2022, the BGMI 2.1 Update is expected to go live between 12:30 PM and 8:30 PM IST.

What are the new changes in the Battleground Mobile India new update 2.1?

Mode: Ancient Secret Arise

The Ancient secret mode in the game will return with the BGMI 2.1 Update. To go to the floating mystery land, gamers could use transporters.

Treasure in a sandstorm

The map’s Sandstorm Treasure feature will randomly generate a sandstorm where you may locate incredible riches.

Sword of Scarab

The Sandstorm Treasure region is where you may locate the Scarab Charm. The Scarab Charm may be used by players to return to the battlefield. The recall feature is same, except individuals can recall themselves without the aid of teammates with the Battleground Mobile India new update.

Museum Tour

Two sand giants will be traveling around the map at all times.  While visiting the Arial ancient edifice, players can locate the Jackal ruins or the Scarab ruins. Whenever the Jakal or Scarab ruins are opened, the players will find some incredible stuff.

Desert Trader

This hidden store will appear at random across the map. These stores allow you to use coins to buy fighting materials.
Scorpion Crates In the homes that hang on the walls, players can locate Scorpion Crates. Players will acquire a lot of combat materials if they shoot at the boxes.


There are no any official announcements regarding the Battleground Mobile India new update 2.1. So, players should wait for Krafton to release the official patch notes and release date announcement for more surety.

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