Complete the Barbarian Launcher challenge with the best Decks in Clash Royale

Barbarian Launcher challenge

Clash Royale fans do want to earn rewards by completing the barbarian launcher challenge.  So, this article will help you with some short summary of this event.

As officially, we are on to the next season phase in Clash Royale, it’s time to get on with some interesting challenges. As straight away, this new barbarian launcher challenge is up to showcase your skills.

How to complete the Barbarian Launcher challenge in Clash Royale?

The barbarian launcher challenge from Clash Royale is totally an amusing one, as the barbarian launcher challenge asks you to get an exclusive new card to use in your deck, which is indeed the Barbarian Launcher card with a mix-up of both the Mortar and Hut.

Once you lose thrice in the barbarian launcher challenge of Clash Royale, then you are imminently knocked off from the barbarian launcher.

Best Decks For The Barbarian Launcher Challenge!

Deck 1

Barbarian Launcher with 5 Elixir

Valkyrie with 4 Elixir

Bomber, Rage, Bats, Barbarian Barrels all these with 2 Elixir

Fire Crackers, Goblin Barrel Imp with 3 Elixir respectively

Deck 2

The same barbarian launcher with 5 Elixir for Deck 2

Mega Night with the highest of 7 Elixir

Executioner with 5 Elixir too

Earthquake with 3 Elixir

Bomber With 2 Elixir

Flying Machine, Goblin Cage Imp with 4 Elixir

Cannon Cart also with 5 Elixir then.

Deck 3

The final set of best decks for the Barbarian Launcher Challenge in Clash Royale, which is the Deck 3 indeed.

Again the same barbarian launcher with 5 Elixir along with Cannon Cary too for 5 Elixir

Bats with 2 Elixir

Miner, Skeleton, Army, Goblin Puck Dart and Arrows also with 3 Elixir

And finally the Skelton King with 4 Elixir is the last one for Deck 3 for the Barbarian Launcher  in the Clash Royale game 2022. All these are the best deck suggestions from us for the Barbarian Launcher Challenge in the Clash Royale Game for 2022.

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