7 Things That You Might Not Know about Colette in Brawl Stars

Colette Brawl Stars
Colette Brawl Stars

Colette is a powerful Chromatic Brawler from Brawl Stars, Colette coming from the chromatic rarity has been invincible in the game, especially with the damage abilities. But Brawl Stars players don’t know much about this chromatic star character Brawler, here are some unknown facts and things about Colette in Brawl Stars 2022.

7 Things That You Might Not Know about Colette in Brawl Stars

– The famous voice-over actress Katie Snyder has been lending her voice to Colette in Brawl Stars for a long long time

– Colette is Piper basically, but then turned into a cashier and a Brawl Stars Brawler

– Colette always has her purple notebook which is also her secret mantra in the game, as several times she has hugged her purple notebook tightly after winning.

-Her  in-game Brawl Stars name comes from the original English word for collect as she always collects items and resources in the game

– Apart from being a chromatic brawler, Colette has always been a gale and surge too. She is also a cashier at a gift shop in the star park

– She and Spike are rumored to be lovers often, but they have not confirmed it yet

– Colette and Spike are often known for their kisses and hugs at the Brawl Stars Ships regions. Likes other Brawlers more than she loves herself

– When Colette worked as a cashier at the start park, she was ordered to know all the darkest secrets going about over there. Colette’s story is dark, humorous, creepy, and witty

More Facts About Colette Brawler!  

– Colette hates debts that’s why she always collects items in Brawl Stars

– Colette’s attacks and powers are inspired by Bull and Carl

– Colette has been a great fan of the other Brawlers too

These are all the funny, unknown, cool, and unique facts about Colette in Brawl Stars.

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