Which Are The 5 Best Healing Character Abilities In Free Fire Max?

5 Best Healing Character Abilities
5 Best Healing Character Abilities

5 Best Healing Character Abilities: Since DJ Alok’s debut in Free Fire MAX, DJ Alok has established himself as a popular figure. With his two talents for the cost of one, he’s been the core of countless team fights as well as the look charm for healing.

Nevertheless, with several upgrades and the inclusion of new characters in the game, others with abilities comparable to his are now available. They have built out a space by themselves in the game, regardless of the fact that they’re not really the gameplay deciders. In this article, we’ll discuss the best healing character abilities of Free Fire Max in 2022.

5 Best Healing Character Abilities


Skyler is one of Free Fire’s newest characters. He is both a well-known artist and a successful businessman. Riptide Rhythm is the name of his ability. During the ability is used, it creates a shockwave that destroys all Gloo Walls in its path. When Skyler uses his Gloo Wall talent, he gets a passive component that gives him HP regeneration. He achieves full level, his regeneration will begin at 9 points, providing him with a significant amount of HP.  It is the first character in the list of 5 Best Healing Character Abilities In Free Fire Max. Your Gloo Wall could be used in a comparable way as a superior Med Kit might.


A124 is an experienced battle robot in Free Fire MAX. As a result of her battle experience, she has developed a unique skill called Thrill of Battle, which enables her to recuperate in a second. By diving into her EP reserves, the user can convert 60 EP to HP in four seconds. After each use, it must cool for 10 seconds before it may be used again. Regardless of the fact that her ability necessitates the use of EP, it is quite useful in a fight.


Dimitri’s skill lets players self-revive in-game once used. They also restore 3 HP per second for 15 seconds, which is a wonderful function. When these two qualities are combined, it’s simple to see why he’d be a fantastic substitute for DJ Alok. It is the second character in the list of 5 


DJ KSHMR, an Indian-American, inspired the character K. His ability, Master of All, permits him to switch between two forms. One option grows his EP gradually until it reaches 150, while another lets him consume EP at a 500% rate. The number of EPs he can have has been increased to 250.

K’s first mode provides almost endless healing, while his second mode provides quick healing, making him extremely tough to kill in combat. K has the finest healing power in the gameplay without a question.


Despite the fact that Liqueta is unable to heal himself, his Hat Trick ability allows the user to augment their HP pool in-game. The user’s HP is permanently boosted with each kill he or she secures. A total of 50 bonus HP can be contributed to the energy reserve in this fashion.

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