3 Best Free Fire Characters With Passive Skills

3 Best Free Fire Characters With Passive Skills
3 Best Free Fire Characters With Passive Skills

3 Best Free Fire Characters With Passive Skills: In Free Fire MAX, playing a conservative and passive game can be rewarding. All players must do is avoid getting eliminated in order to stay alive till the finish zone. Regrettably, this is a task that is easier said than done. With so many characters to choose from, users frequently choose the incorrect one for their passive playstyle.

It throws them at a significant disadvantage, preventing them from progressing further in the game. Thankfully, all of this can be avoided by selecting a passive-friendly character and learning how they operate in-game.

3 Best Free Fire Characters With Passive Skills


Leon’s unique ability, Buzzer Beater, is a fantastic way for players to recuperate after a battle. After surviving or escaping combat, the user will restore 30 HP.

This is beneficial for passive players who want to stay away from their opponents. Although the HP recovery isn’t large, it can be stacked indefinitely. Users can readily regain HP by repeatedly escaping from their opponents.


Kapella’s ability boosts the effectiveness of healing items and talents by 20%. Kapella makes it easy for passive players who are concerned about healing to regain huge quantities of HP quickly.

Kapella is also well-suited for squad play due to his healing boosts. If an ally is downed, the additional perk of her ability decreases their HP loss by 30%. This permits them to stay alive for a longer period of time as they wait to be helped up.


Though this majority of Free Fire MAX players choose to stroll about, others prefer to play the entire game in the comfort of their own vehicle. Notora is the greatest character to use for such gamers.
Racer’s Blessings is a skill that allows the user to heal while driving a car. 5 HP is passively recovered every two seconds. A player should be able to recuperate without the usage of medkits if they can locate a car during a match.

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