Top 5 Best Powerful BGMI Guns For Rushers In 2022


Best Powerful BGMI Guns in 2022: The Domination mode in BGMI is designed for players to put their skills to the test in both close and mid-range engagements within a 10-minute time limit.

It trains players for traditional bouts by requiring them to kill other players and hold two out of three bases in order to win. They can equip a variety of weapons, but only a few are capable of assisting in both attacking and defending a base.

Top 5 Best Powerful BGMI Guns


According to reports, the AKM is the most prevalent 7.62mm AR. In Domination mode matches, many players are spotted wielding the gun, which deals 47 damage each bullet. Furthermore, the AKM requires few attachments, making it the game’s go-to rifle.

 Micro Uzi

The Micro Uzi is known for its fast rate of fire in the game. In close-range combat, it is unrivaled in terms of devastation. On the Domination map, there are various locations where players can capture TPP and then use the Micro Uzi to finish out pursuing foes. It is one of the best powerful guns in BGMI as of 2022.


The M416 is said to be the most steady gun in the game, and it’s perfect for mid-range attacks in Domination mode matches’ long Base C corridor. Even in hip-fire sprays, the rifle can accomplish wonders when equipped with a laser grip and a longer magazine.


The popularity of the UMP 45 has skyrocketed in BGMI Esports, influencing players’ preferences for Unranked Domination mode matches. The pistol’s popularity has risen due to a buff it received a few updates ago, which resulted in the gun switching from 9mm to.45 ACP ammo. It is among the best powerful guns in BGMI as of 2022. With an enlarged quickdraw magazine, laser sight, silencer, and red dot, the UMP 45 is a close-range beast. In close-range combat, the gun’s high headshot percentage renders it unbeatable.


Groza is preferred by most players that prefer to take advantage of TPP to gain an advantage over their opponents. Groza is the most powerful gun in Battlegrounds Mobile India’s Elo rating Domination mode. Groza’s base damage is greater than other ARs, making it deadly with a suppressor, longer quickdraw magazine, and red dot.

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