3 most anticipated mobs in Minecraft 1.19 that could be added in future update

3 most anticipated mobs in Minecraft 1.19
3 most anticipated mobs in Minecraft 1.19

3 most anticipated mobs in Minecraft 1.19: Four different mobs—Warden, Frog, Tadpole, and Allay were added to the game in the 1.19 version of Minecraft. Sadly, for various reasons, certain mobs remained unutilized and unpublished. Due to their absence from the game, gamers may have neglected them, despite many gamers wanting them. Several didn’t make the cut even though they were up alongside mobs who have been selected to be published with a patch, although some of the mobs that were deleted or delayed had been definitely not good enough to be there in the game. Nobody is certain whether or not the unplayed mobs will be included. The 3 Best anticipated mobs in Minecraft 1.19 are discussed below.

3 most-anticipated mobs in Minecraft 1.19 that will be added in future updates


The mob was eliminated during the first round of voting because it received the fewest nominations from the participants. Several Mob fans still lament the fact that it wasn’t included in the game. Regrettably, the Glare was removed from the 1.19 release and was not reintroduced. It is among the 3 most anticipated mobs in Minecraft 1.19. This helpful monster was designed to assist players in locating dark areas with a light level of 0, so they may illuminate the space and make it spawn-proof.


While Mojang was preparing to deliver the Caves and Cliffs upgrades in 2020, Mooblooms was a mob that participated in the mob voting at the Live event. Although they were said to be uncommon in floral biomes, these lovely cows were virtually identical to Mushrooms. It is the second 3 most anticipated mobs in Minecraft 1.19. These hordes had flowers on them and appeared yellow in hue. Sadly, the mob vote disqualified these from consideration. Since their presence will improve the blossoming forest and meadow biodiversity even more, maybe Mojang will one day add these creatures to the game.


A mob named Firefly was slated for inclusion in the 1.19 version of Minecraft. It was planned for this monster to appear naturally in biomes such as fresh Mangrove Swamps. They were also anticipated to serve as the new Frog mob’s meal. However, Mojang took the lovely background mob out of the patch when they discovered that frogs were poisoned by such insects. Numerous users expressed their tremendous disappointment and even rage at Mojang for excluding the cute ambient mob from the patch.

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