3 Most popular supercars players mush know in 2022

In GTA Online, supercars are frequently the most searched cars. Because of how useful supercars are in racing, most people in the game own at least one. Still, speed isn’t the only factor that draws people to supercars.

Their appearance contributes to their attractiveness, but players also examine vehicle price-to-performance ratios. Extra features, such as weaponry, are always a plus. Selecting a suitable car in GTA Online necessitates careful consideration of several such criteria.

The 3 Most popular supercars players mush know in 2022

Pfister 811

Pfister 811 made our list for two significant reasons. It is a low-cost supercar with a tremendously fast maximum velocity (132.5 mph). It’s also the quickest Pfister car in the gameplay, and it’s super affordable for 45 percent off, keeping the cost down to $624,250.

In GTA Online, the Pfister trademark is mostly based on Porsche. The design of the 811 is inspired by the Porsche 918. If the generator cars are excluded, it is the quickest supercar in the game.

The 811 is a headache to maneuver in curves, as it understeers severely even at moderate speeds. It has a lot of grip loss, which makes the roads in Stunt Races challenging. As a result, the 811 is particularly fit.

Principe Deveste Eight

In addition to excellent speed, the Deveste Eight is only slightly slower than the 811. (131.75 mph). It does, though, have an advantage over the former, albeit only on next-generation consoles. In GTA Online, the Deveste Eight has been unveiled as an HSW (Hao’s Special Works) upgradeable car.

Its top speed jumps to 151.75 mph when fully improved, making it the leading automobile in the game and the furthermore HSW vehicle. Its contemporary style is inspired by the hypercar concept Devel Sixteen. Legendary Motorsport has it for $1,795,000, which is a steal.

Dewbauchee Vagner

The Vagner is a big fan base supercar, owing to its excellent cost ratio. This car is enjoyable to drive or race, and it has the 4th conventional supercar (without turbo) max speed of 126.75 mph.


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