What Are The 3 Most Popular BGMI Gun Skins As Of 2022?

3 Most Popular BGMI Gun Skins
3 Most Popular BGMI Gun Skins

3 Most Popular BGMI Gun Skins: Gun skins have nothing to do with a player’s talents or gameplay, but they do make guns appear more appealing, which people flaunt in-game. Even though gun skins are common and most gamers have a number of these, there are a few gun skins that almost every BGMI player wishes for, but they are exceedingly tough to obtain and only a few people have those.

Ever since the game’s creators have released a number of gun skins that have sparked interest in the community. These gun skins are presently available in the battlegrounds and give reputation to players’ collections. This article will deal with the 5 most popular gun skins in BGMI.

3 Most Popular BGMI Gun Skins 2022

M416 – Glacier

It’s difficult to list the rarest and greatest BGMI skins without mentioning M416’s Glacier skin, which is the game’s most popular gun skin. This is a seven-level skin with a total of 27 materials and 370 paints required to upgrade from the base to the highest level. This is the only skin with an “On-hit” effect that unlocks at level 5. Level 7 of the skin turns the loot crate into an icy-cold snowman. The skin can be revealed by opening classic boxes, which cost 120 UC each.

Glided Jade Dragon DP 28

The Glided Jade Dragon DP-28 is the most popular skin for the LMG in BGMI because it is the best skin offered thus far. The upgradable gun skin, which was introduced in a Lucky spin, is purple, green, and sky in hue. The rifle is made to resemble an octopus’ appendages.

AKM – Desert Fossil

AKM Desert rifle skin can be leveled up to seven times. The dragon skeleton on either side of the gun after upgrading to level 3 appears to be the rarest. Upgrades include a kill feed message and rifle ornamentation. However, you’ll need 27 resources and 370 paints to update the skin to Level 7. Besides, the loot container will resemble a skeleton box with a dragon skeleton on the front.

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