3 Best mods to enhance the graphics in GTA Online

Despite expecting GTA 6 news, Rockstar enthusiasts are still playing Grand Theft Auto 5. That was at exactly what Rockstar desires, and it looks like it’s working for them, as their most recent re-release has been fairly successful. Veterans of the series, on the other hand, will find that the ten-year-old no longer has anything to offer.

However, there seems to be a way to enjoy the game without being tired, and that is to use mods. Although there are many other sorts of mods, this study focused on graphics mods because they can make the classic game look completely new in 2022.

3 Best mods to enhance the graphics in GTA Online


The major purpose of PRSA ENB is to develop a lifelike GTA 5 that can even be utilized to make superhero captures. It’s a sophisticated fully – featured graphical enhancer for GTA 5 that uses custom shaders to imitate a movie-like look and works with any weather or lighting patch.

PhotoRealistic San Andreas ENB is one of the most popular graphics upgrades for GTA 5, perfectly duplicating effects from cameras, films, color grades, and postproduction. It includes a good selection of modification choices, and players can change their ENV settings while they’re playing.

Old Gen Visual

This hack seeks to restore GTA 5’s original console edition’s graphical aesthetic to the PC version. This handy mod has restored certain visual features from the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game. It does not, however, decrease the visual quality of the PC edition, contrary to common perception.

The timer, lens flare, lightning, artificial light, cloud, and other visual effects have mostly been adjusted to reflect this. Additional changes include an additional lens flare as well as the desire to eliminate fog volumes, lens artefacts, and NGCoronas. The modification site, which covers all of these choices, can be used to learn more.


It’s because of this versatility that it’s so popular. In fact, VisualV is frequently confused with Rockstar’s own graphics enhancements. The mod has nailed the GTA 5 atmosphere even better than Rockstar did. The graphics changes are minimal, but they significantly improve the game’s overall attractiveness.

After installing this mod, several players have experienced an increase in FPS. The primary difference is that the weather effects have been rebuilt, making it feel much more like real-life Los Angeles. However, the number of important enhancements it provides is much too numerous to detail here; curious gamers must visit the download page to learn more.

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