How to complete the 20 win challenge in Clash Royale? 

20 win challenge in Clash Royale
20 win challenge in Clash Royale

The epic 20 win challenge in Clash Royale game has come to the game once again. The hardest 20 Win Challenge in Clash Royale has begun today 6th aug, and will last till 11th aug for 5 days.

What this 20 win challenge from Clash Royale holds? Winning this 20 win challenge in Clash Royale game will reward you around close to a mammoth 215K Gold, 1 Epic Chest and finally 1 Legendary King Chest.

How to complete the 20 win challenge in Clash Royale? 

– Launch Event Tabs in Clash Royale,

– Start on the 20-Win Challenge

– Only 3 chances are given for this 20 Win Challenge, if you lose more than three times then you are knocked out.

– Also the Pass Royale Players don’t have any limitations to this 20-Win Challenge Event game in Clash Royale

20-Win Challenge 2022 in Clash Royale Rewards!

Players with 2 wins in the 20-Win Challenge on Clash Royale will receive around close to 2500 Gold Coins.

5000 Gold Coins for 4 wins, Likewise 7500 Gold Coins For 6 Wins, 10k gold coins for 8 wins, 15k gold coins for 12 wins, 25k gold coins for 14 wins, 50k Gold Coins for 18 wins and finally the coveted 1 Lakh gold coins for 20 wins in the 20-Win Clash Royale challenge event.

10 Wins will get you the Epic Chest whilst 18 Wins will also get you the Legendary King Chest.

Similiarly 17wins in this Clash Royale 20-Win Challenge will also give the Exclusive CRL-20 Win Challenge 2022 Badge.

Those premium winners who win all the 20 games in the 20-Win Clash Royale Challenge Event will virtually progress to the next year’s Clash Royale League stage in the in-game Tournament Hub!

That’s how you play the 20-win challenge 2022 in Clash Royale. It’s an exciting one at the same time stressing one to finish off.

But all the exclusive gold coins will all be yours, if you successfully accomplish the 20-Win Challenge limited time event in Clash Royale 2022 now!

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